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Temerity Digital • Based in Denver, CO • Formerly CBD Branding

Connecting the Dots with Digital Marketing

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Marketing Overwhelm

You’re ready to invest in marketing, but not sure which strategies to go all-in on. You just don’t have the time or bandwidth to learn about every method. You’re overwhelmed by all the options out there and you feel spread thin!


Stagnant Business

Things have been a little stagnant lately. I’d like better cash flow, more customers, and honestly I’ve gotten a little bored. I’m not sure what to do to get things to pick back up. I could use a fresh take on marketing strategy!


Outdated Marketing

The company I work for has outdated marketing methods (mostly cold calling, print, etc.). We have no digital marketing presence. We know we need it, but none of our employees have the bandwidth to launch a digital marketing program.


Let Us Help You Scale

Marketing can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Temerity Digital works with you to bring clarity to the process.

We use a blend of consulting, content marketing, advertising, marketing automation, and occasionally events to help you use the power of the digital landscape to grow your business.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Which marketing tactics should you be using? It’s easy to get overwhelmed… your company doesn’t need ALL the tactics, just the RIGHT ones. We’ll walk through your goals and help you build out the right marketing strategy for your company.

Content Marketing

Why should prospects take time out of their day to learn about your business? The story you’re telling about your company makes all the difference. We’ll help you get clear with your messaging and put together content that MATTERS to your audience. Let’s show them the value you provide.

Digital Advertising

We’ll reach your target audience through Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and Google Ad Network. We’ll also provide you with important data about the prospects interacting with your ads. We’ll be sure to explain what this data means and how to use it to optimize your marketing.

Marketing Automation

We’ll help you establish an automation system with Pardot, HubSpot, MailChimp, or whichever platform you prefer. We’ll bridge help you bridge your sales and marketing departments through establishing a scoring system, drip campaigns, and segmentation methods.

How We Make It Happen

 At Temerity Digital, we know that great marketing requires a synergy of a few strong elements working together. The workflow we focus on includes a blend of content marketing, digital advertising, and marketing automation.
Here’s a look at what to expect when you work with us:

1. Getting to Know You

Our first and most important step is learning as much as possible about your business, your team, your goals, and your audience. We’ll sit with you and learn about where you’ve been struggling so we can create solutions Your business is our business!

2. Coming up with a Plan

While lead generation is the common thread in all we do, we understand that different strategies work for different companies. We’ll work with you to develop strategies you feel good about. We’re really big on testing too, so we never stop at Plan A. We’ll get you dialed in!

3. Creating Content

To bring in great leads, you need great content. You’re the expert on your subject matter and we understand what makes stellar content. We’ll work with your team to create and design fantastic content from whitepapers to webinars and ebooks to infographics.

4. Getting the Word Out

Your company is great, your product helps people, and your content is valuable – Your audience should know about it! We’ll help you get the word out through digital advertising campaigns (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads), social media, and sometimes marketing events.

5. Data, Data, Data

It’s great to have people see your ads and download your content, but at Temerity, we want to make sure you understand the data that’s coming back! We break it down for you to understand. You’ll learn so much about your audience through data!

6. Marketing Automation

We’ll set up triggers on the back end with your company’s preferred automation software (i.e. Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo). We’ll show your staff how to use it too. This is how we nurture the prospects in your lead funnel and help steer them towards sales conversion.

Get Empowered with Data

Not only does Temerity Digital continually optimize your campaigns and strategies with data, but we take time to make sure your team understands what the data means.

They’re your analytics… We think you should get to know them.

The Elements We Use:

Strategy Consulting

We work with you to find the best digital marketing approach for your company.

Marketing Automation

Lead nurturing and prospect tracking through Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, and more.

Digital Advertising

Reach a targeted audience through LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.

Audience Analytics

Gain insights about who’s engaging with your ads and content through data.

Team Training

We’ll train your team on the marketing automation strategies we use.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to nurture leads and increase sales conversions.

Web & Graphic Design

We’ll design your landing pages, content pieces, and provide beautiful graphics.

Content Planning

Tell your story! We’ll help you put together great lead-generating content.

Just a Few Companies We’ve Worked With

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