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Temerity Digital, originally CBD Branding, was founded by Christine Dart. We are so grateful to be based here in Denver, CO.

We are a strategy-centric digital marketing firm and also offer design services. Our focus is in strategy consulting, content marketing, marketing automation, and digital advertising. Our clients come from industries ranging form health tech to finance, construction to manufacturing, and dating apps to tactical gear.

We work a little differently than most marketing firms in that we build our strategies around being empathetic to both our clients’ goals and situations and their customers’ goals and needs. We believe in creating marketing strategy that addresses the roots.


Our mission is to generate practical and effective marketing programs for our clients. Temerity Digital connects the dots of the growth process through digital marketing. We bridge the gap between sales and marketing by addressing the roots.


Our vision is to make the lives of our clients and their business growth process easier!


At Temerity Digital, we value:

• Empathy
• Practicality
• Honesty